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In today’s world, it takes a lot to make a powerful first impression or to really treat someone precious to you. But even with the range of super cars out there available for hire, there is no doubt in our mind anyone would be unimpressed or could out perform rolling up in one of our breathtakingly iconic and wildly entertaining stainless steel DeLoreans complete with Flux Capacitor.

The breathtaking action and sheer movie-making magic created by the time-travelling DeLorean is something everyone should have the opportunity to experience. See our best film moments here. Book your day with one of the most iconic cars in automotive history and relive the one of the greatest motion picture triumphs in Hollywood history!

Limited amount of free hire is available for charities

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As Back to the Future began one of the most successful trilogies in movie history, from two theatrical sequels, to a theme park ride, our company has endeavoured to bring together the finest collection of movie memorabilia on offer, from toys, to booklets, to movie replicas and apparel. Our online store will be coming soon, and with we can provide DeLorean's around the country.

Why choose us?

We are the only company outside of the USA that has authentic replicas of both the Mr Plutonium and Mr Fusion DeLorean's, as well as a third original model of the iconic vehicle.

Whilst some replicas use temporary modifications to add either the Fusion or Plutonium appearance to the cars, our DeLorean's have been completely modified from the original machines for both models. Keeping 100% true to the cars from the movies, each of our models have retained their unique differences you've seen on screen before. All of this is so that you can have the most authentic experience possible, you'll be impressed enough to say "Great Scott!".

Play Your Part!

It's time to immerse yourself in the groundbreaking adventure that sparked one of the most successful trilogies of Hollywood history! Now you can take the wheel of a time-travelling DeLorean just like Marty McFly & Doc Brown and play your own part in one of the most successful movie trilogies of all time… Back To The Future!

Make Your Choice!

We have three variations of the classic time-travelling DeLorean available to book as a static vehicle or as a chauffeured service for weddings.

Just as the Back To The Future trilogy is an unrivalled adventure that has stood the test of time, we want your day with one of our DeLoreans to be the most enjoyable and best possible experience that you’ll never forget.

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